Oh.. So You Want A Quickie?

What's In The Quickie

Get Help Selling More of Your Sh*t in 1-Hour.
  • 45-Min Coaching Quickie
  • Bullsh*t Free Action Plan
  • 3-Weeks of Hand Holding
  • It's Free.. If You Qualify

The F*cking Benefits

Instant Impact

Feel the boom! Get actionable insights that hit hard and fast, turning your business pain points into power plays before your coffee gets cold.

Bad*ss Strategy

No fluff, just RESULTS. We craft strategies that cut through the bullshit, positioning you to make more money and grow your business.

Hands-On Support

We’re in your corner, coaching you through every jab and uppercut. Expect three weeks of relentless, in-your-face support that drives results.

Get Started in 3 steps

Show The F*ck Up

It’s easy. You’re just not willing to show up for yourself. Decide you’ve had enough of mediocre results and half-assed efforts. This is your business, not a hobby. Get serious, get angry, and let's get f*cking started.

Pick Your Poison

Choose the slap you need: Want a quick fix? Grab 'The Quickie'. Need a reality check? Go for 'The B*tch Slap'. Not here to cuddle you through it. Only pay if you think the session was worth it—bet you will.

Transform Your Sh*t

Implement the brutally honest, actionable strategies then watch your sales climb and your competitors wonder what the hell happened. Follow-up? It's on you. We're here if you need more; otherwise, make us proud out there.


questions about your quickie?

It’s not what you’re thinking, but it’s just as satisfying. This is a rapid-fire, 45-minute session where we zero in on your biggest business headaches and slap you with a custom plan that actually works.

Free as your spirit should be on a Friday night. There’s no catch, just confidence. We know once you taste the goods, you’ll be back for more.

Hell yes, you can. If you can’t see the value after our session, check your pulse. We deliver the kind of insights that turn ‘what ifs’ into ‘what’s next’.

Got an appetite for success? We like that. You can upgrade to ‘The B*tch Slap’ for a deeper dive and even more ass-kicking strategy.

Like you’d prep for a heavyweight title fight. Know your numbers, know your pain points, and be ready to act. We’re giving the strategy; you need to throw the punches.

Three weeks of follow-up support means we’re not just hitting it and quitting it. We’ll be there, making sure you’re applying what we’ve dished out.

A bullsh*t-free, straight-to-the-point plan that’s custom-tailored to your business. No generic advice here; it’s all about what YOU need to do to step up your game

You shouldn’t. That’s exactly why it’s free. The world’s full of bullshit consultants peddling second-hand advice like they’re handing out candy. We’re not here to swipe your cash with some regurgitated YouTube University crap. We won’t take a dime until you’re so damn thrilled with our work that you can’t help but pay.

Want The b*tch slap instead?

**No Payment Upfront Required. Only Pay If You Think It Was Worth It!**

The B*tch Slap

The BEST Way To Sell More & Grow Faster
  • 1.5 Hours of Pure Ass-Kicking
  • Bullsh*t Free Action Plan
  • 2 Months Of Hand Holding
  • No Payment Upfront**